Welcome to My Blog and Wisdom Circles for the Boomer Woman

Welcome to Robertatellerblog.com.  As a Boomer Woman or as I like to think of myself, as an “aging, saging, crone” , I believe that it is important for older women to have a safe and sacred place to share our personal stories and to discuss and explore the gifts and challenges of growing older.  

I offer this in two ways. One avenue is through weekly and/or monthly sacred wisdom circles. We meet regularly in person and through my gentle guided facilitation, and group process, we create a space that honors and supports us to have an open and honest conversation  about growing older; all the while creating community, friendship and support amongst us. 

My other offering is through my blog, Robertatellerblog.com, My blog is an opportunity to celebrate our elder status; a forum to explore ourselves as vital essential beings, regardless of the challenges we may face. Here I offer commentary, reflections, information and inspiration about being a boomer woman. Through a series of interviews, I give voice to our senior sisters who are a source of wisdom to us all. 


4 thoughts on “Welcome to My Blog and Wisdom Circles for the Boomer Woman

  1. I’m so pleased to have found your Blog (through WACCO). I too have been struggling with this issue of “aging gracefully.” I’ve accumulated so much knowledge working with people for 30+ years and now I have no intention of letting this knowledge waste away, but what to do. what to do? I’m petitioning my Spirit to let me know what my next step is. I don’t believe 69 is the “end” of a productive life. Each day becomes a canvas to create the life I want…and I still want to share with others.

    • Thank you so much for your comment. Looks like your Spirit is doing her job by connecting us. I have several ideas and events that you might be interested in. If you like, I can add you to my e-mail list and keep you abreast of what is up and coming…….I strongly believe that we, Wise Woman Sisters, must build our community and support one another. You might be interested in my half day Sacred Wisdom Circle for Boomer Women scheduled for Saturday, August 24th from 10-2pm. The intent for this workshop is to:

      Tap into your wise woman greatness

      Explore the gifts and challenges of growing older

      Connect with sister boomers while building community

      I am offering an “Early Crone” special…….Register and pay before August 12th the price is $39.

      After 12th, the price is $49……..,

      If you would like me to add you to my email list, I would be happy to do that.

      You can always reach me at womenownyourcrone@gmail.com

      Many thanks and best wishes to you.


    • I was just rereading the comments on my blog and came upon your comment from August 2013. I would like to extend an invitation to join me at Coffee Catz on Sunday, November 24th from 3-5pm for a Wise Woman Storytime event showcasing 10 of Sonoma County’s very own Wise Women sharing their life stories and lessons learned to a mixed aged audience. If you would like me to send you a flyer, please email me at womenownyourcrone@gmail.com.

      Best Wishes,

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