SALLY CHURGEL: A Life Journey to Living with Joy


Many years ago I  watched a home perched atop a hillside in Bolinas CA slowly erode away`-so much so that one year when I made my pilgrimage back to this beloved land, the house was no longer atop the hill.  This time its splintered self was at the bottom of the hill being further shredded by the wind and waves. With it’s foundation eroded away, the home could no longer be sustained. No amount of repair was able to sustain it any longer.

In the geography of our life, our core foundation, once seemingly solid and sure, can also erode away, become compromised and no longer be able to hold and support us.  Life as we once knew it can shift, sometimes suddenly as in an earthquake, after an election or after years and years of gentle decline.

In the trajectory of our lives, if we see our core foundations weathered and crumbling, it is with awareness that we have choices. We can fall into the empty abyss and allow the elements to break us down further or we can seek a new path to surer footing where we can once again stand tall on solid ground.

My guest today saw the foundation of her life eroding away and rather than wait for the hillside to collapse sought footing on a path of self-discovery, reflection and inner work that would eventually lead her to a higher, sturdier road to renewal Today she lives in a new landscape with a panoramic view of her vision and purpose in life clearly in her horizon.

Sally is a healer, intuitive, writer, and speaker. She is the founder of Call2Joy and JoyFlow Programs. Her website is

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By Roberta Teller