Louise Nayer: Burned: A Story

Despite the best laid plans, we really just don’t know what will happen next. An encounter, an event, an accident can suddenly change the trajectory of our lives. Where we thought we were headed, suddenly is no more. These moments may bring us to new heights or perhaps places we never expected or wanted to go. 

My guest today on Wise Woman Storytime,  Louise Nayer was 4 years old when her family’s path veered off in a direction that no one could have foreseen.

Burned: A Memoir is Louise’s adult quest to come to terms with this life changing tragedy. It’s an exploration and discovery of the loss, suffering, pain and complexity of family relationships as well as a testament to the strength, resiliency and tenacity of this foursome.

It is a story of  healing- how each person although differently affected by tragedy, must walk their individual path to recovery and how the power of love, commitment and yes hard work, can be the glue to making the family whole again.

While Burned: A Memoir is Louise Nayer’s story, there are lessons here for everyone. 

Today you get to hear her story……

You can learn more about Louise at louisenayer.com

By Roberta Teller


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