Leiah Bowden: Walking Her path. Living Her truth.

We live in a world today where information is literally at our fingertips and knowledge is highly valued. But knowledge is NOT the be all and end all.  Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

Today we’re going to hear a story from a woman who values imagination and intuition as a path to a richer, fuller  more fulfilled and connected creative life.  And she should know, because it’s been her life long journey and taken her to unimaginable places.

My guest this week on KOWS Wise Woman Storytime was artist, writer, animal communicator and spiritual mentor Leiah Bowden. Intution, imagination, and positive energy are essential ingredients in Leiah’s work and life path.

She has a story to tell that may very well change your view of the world and offers us all a new lens for living, learning, and connecting. 

You can learn more about Leiah and her work by visiting  her  website  at http://www.lightspeak.com/.  Her email is  yes@lightspeak.com.  

By Roberta Teller


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  1. Leiah’s father and my father were brothers so I have a deep connection to my cousin Leiah. Several of the women in our family are interested in using our abilities as “healers” and psychic energy teachers.. I am a Reiki Master and my teaching manuals, Reiki On With Reva, are used all over the world.
    I love Leiah and so admire her abilities; she is an amazing woman!
    Rev. Reva Berman

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