Leiah Bowden: I Greet You in the Name of All Divine Beings

Many of us have pets that we adore.  We buy them the best foods possible and toys to play with.  We take them on walks and vacations or hire pet sitters to stay with them when we head out of town. Some of us buy our pets cute outfits and dress them up for the holidays.  We let our precious ones run around our homes and lock the windows so the ones with wings may fly.  We take the dogs to obedience school, groom the horses, and comb the cats.

We speak to our pets, offer words of approval when happy and express our anger when needed.  But how many of us actually communicate with our 4 legged or winged friends…….I mean really connect with them so as to know their feelings, thoughts, intentions, impressions and sensations?

My guest this past week on Wise Woman Storytime, Leiah Bowden does just that.  Using intuition and emotional congruency, and a faith in the interconnectedness of all,  Leiah connects with these  beings offering us all a deeper understanding into them, ourselves and the Great Mystery.

 I invite you to listen to her story to learn how she connects and receives these messages, what the animals are saying and the greater message to us all. 

To learn more about Leiah  – her art, energy portraits and soon to be published book and animal communication – her website is Lightspeak.com.  

2 thoughts on “Leiah Bowden: I Greet You in the Name of All Divine Beings

  1. Thank you so much, Roberta, for providing this opportunity — not just for me, but for so many women who have stories to tell that others may find useful and even inspiring. Being on your show is always a wonderful experience. You’re a terrific host!

  2. I feel so blessed to call Leiah my cousin. Our fathers were brothers and I feel a very close connection to Leiah.
    As a Reiki Master I recognize her intuition and talent. She reflects the goodness and kindness that women of her generation reflect.
    Our family are so very proud of her!

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