About Roberta Teller


Roberta Teller is a skilled workshop facilitator specializing in creating sacred wisdom circles to support women as they face the challenges and gifts of aging. She is also the creator and host of Wise Woman Storytime on KOWS.FM, a show that puts the spotlight on older women, giving them the voice and visibility they so deserve.

Throughout her 30+ year career in education, Roberta understood that children and adults alike must trust their teacher, workshop facilitator or group leader to create a safe  environment for them.  When participants feel safe in a group setting, it enables them to move out of their comfort zones, take risks, make mistakes, be open and honest, and learn and grow.  Roberta did not just “use” the model of the sacred circle in her work, she actually embodied it and integrated it into every aspect of her teaching model. She taught all grades from kindergarten through college; she facilitated workshops for parents, teachers, school sites and administrative colleagues.  In every one of these environments, Roberta chose the circle archetype because of its unstated principle of equality for all the members. Everyone is equal in the circle.  There is no beginning or end. Everyone sees one another.  This egalitarian, open form and format is the foundation of her life’s work.

Now retired and facing some of her own challenges while exploring the vast opportunities available to her at this time of her life, Roberta is using her expertise as a  facilitator and inviting her fellow elders, crones, wise women, to join her in a SACRED WISDOM CIRCLE for ELDERWOMEN to explore the gifts and challenges of growing older and to have the opportunity to REFLECT on the wisdom that we have gained thus far in our lives.

Roberta has a degree in education and social science from Queens, College in New York City.  She has a master’s degree from John F. Kennedy University in Orinda in Interdisciplinary Consciousness Studies and has extensive training in Conflict Management, Building Community (she was a certified TRIBES Trainer) and Multicultural and Diversity Issues.

For more information, please contact Roberta at 510-301-1706 or womenownyourcrone@gmail.com