El Chess: Lessons in Self-Love


“Bringing the experiences of women to full light, although in one sense perfectly straightforward, becomes a radical endeavor.” 

                                                                                           Carol Gilligan

Giving voice to the unspeakable, seeking healing rather than victimhood, and being a student, teacher and ambassador of self-love, are but a few of the gifts El Chess brings to the world. Creating a full life for herself and helping and inspiring others to live happily, is El’s life work and it hasn’t always been easy. 

Just a few days from her 70th birthday, El boasts a long resume of a successful and varied career and life. Her career path includes the following: personal life coach, seminar leader, keynote speaker, teacher, self-love educator,  and Executive director for the Attitudinal Healing Center of Sonoma County. She is a mother, grandmother and she just celebrated her 4 month wedding anniversary to the love of her life and soul mate, Tye. 

But life was not always good to El. Her early years were dominated by extreme abuse and trauma. She was subjected to unimaginable suffering and pain. Her first two decades of life were lived alone, isolated and invisible. 

This is a deeply personal journey of a woman who has been on a lifelong personal path to healing; a woman who credits her experience of living a fulfilled life to developing courage, striving for happiness, deep inquiry, and Grace. 

El’s story is a living testimony to how having a vision for a better life, having the courage to step on the recovery path,  and how having a commitment to do the inner work can lead to a fulfilling, happy and rich life. It is a story of the power of determination, will, grit and ultimately the ability to love oneself  that triumphs over adversity, heals and allows her to not only survive but to thrive.

When someone steps up to the plate, speaks the unspeakable, walks the path of healing and offers her life lessons to others – that is a radical endeavor………meet El Chess………a woman daring to live fully, happily and enthusiastically all the while changing the world as she goes.

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Want to contact El?

El Chess is in the process of creating a 12 Step Program called Adults Abused as Children Anonymous.  For more information on this, Self Love and her soon to be published books, you can contact her at chessbk@pacbell.net 

By Roberta Teller