Happy Birthday, Wise Woman Storytime: Roberta Teller’s Story




A couple of weeks ago when my guest became ill, I decided to use the hour to tell my personal story of how I came to create Wise Woman Storytime.  It was actually perfect timing because September is the first anniversary of my radio show and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate this momentous occasion. 

My journey to radio host on KOWS.FM began as a deeply personal inquiry into the meaning of growing older. It brought me to a  confrontation with a culture that reveres the young and dismisses the old and got me to look at my own fears, anxieties and hopes for my third life stage. 

How my search for meaning as a self-described aging, saging crone took me on a circuitous meandering through ageism and sexism in a search for community, collaboration and camaraderie is my story today.

I invite you to listen to my story and learn how Wise Woman Storytime  evolved into the only show that I know of that puts the spotlight on older women, giving us all the voice and visibility we so deserve.

And by the way, Wise Woman Storytime shines the light on our elderwoman community, but is a show for men, women, young and old.

By Roberta Teller