Leiah Bowden: Walking Her path. Living Her truth.

We live in a world today where information is literally at our fingertips and knowledge is highly valued. But knowledge is NOT the be all and end all.  Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

Today we’re going to hear a story from a woman who values imagination and intuition as a path to a richer, fuller  more fulfilled and connected creative life.  And she should know, because it’s been her life long journey and taken her to unimaginable places.

My guest this week on KOWS Wise Woman Storytime was artist, writer, animal communicator and spiritual mentor Leiah Bowden. Intution, imagination, and positive energy are essential ingredients in Leiah’s work and life path.

She has a story to tell that may very well change your view of the world and offers us all a new lens for living, learning, and connecting. 

You can learn more about Leiah and her work by visiting  her  website  at http://www.lightspeak.com/.  Her email is  yes@lightspeak.com.  

By Roberta Teller


Batja Cates: Tuning into and Trusting our Inner Voice



When was the last time you knew who was calling you, before you heard the phone ring?  When was the last time you stopped to listen to that inner voice that was beckoning you? When was the last time you broke from tradition, the expected,  and went off in a completely different course because you had a hunch or a gut feeling that pulled you in a new direction? And when was the last time you absolutely trusted that inner voice you KNEW was speaking the absolute truth?

This week’s on KOWS  Wise Woman Storytime we  explore the topic of intuition – that experience of knowing something even though you have no idea of how or why you know it.   Batja Cates shares her personal story of how through a series of synchronistic events, she was propelled into the practice of imaginal inner guidance work without any formal training or prior experience.  Trusting her natural ability to evoke spontaneous imagery in her clients, Batja successfully assisted her clients through the use of imagery as they faced serious illnesses and surgical procedures.

Some of the greatest minds affirm the power of intuition and the importance of heeding its voice.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and  the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

While it is debated if Albert Einstein or Bob Samples (scholar, artist, author or visionary) said this, I think we can all agree that this quote really addresses how we prioritize and allow left brain rational thinking to dominate over the still, quietude of right brain awareness.

Listening to Batja’s story has helped me get back in touch with the treasure trove of opportunities, insights and gifts that become available to me when I let go of the busyness and noise of the outside world and tune into my heart and intuition.

I have a hunch there’s some really good stuff here for you.


By Roberta Teller