Elaine B. Holtz: 70 Years Old and a New Look at Life



As my guest this week on Wise woman Stortytime, Elaine B Holtz was facing her 70th birthday, she was not in a good place. Despite a successful career in sales and marketing, a loving daughter and grandchildren and a life partner she deeply loved, something was missing. Despite a life dedicated to social and political activism, and a long list of appointments to local boards and commissions, the luster was draining from her usual bright outlook on life. This 70th birthday was being met with a sense of sadness, grief and loss about her aging self.  Who was she? Who loved her and now what?

For those who have survived a near death experience or had a close call with death, most report the experience as life changing and truly transformational. This was certainly true for Elaine. When a life threatening illness threatened her very existence; when she became paralyzed and completely dependent upon others, Elaine wound up fighting for her life and gave birth to  the best ever gift – a renewed appreciation for life – especially her own……..

By Roberta Teller