Wise Woman Storytime: The Radio Show Presents Sophia Legend


I am so happy and proud to present my very first radio show.  As you may remember, I had this idea to take my Wise Woman Storytime events one step further.  My vision was to create a greater platform for older women to tell their stories to a larger audience. I found my venue at KOWS 107.3FM a local west Sonoma County community radio station.  It took some training – there were 3 sessions- and I still have a lot to learn. There were some glitches like a phone beeping off the hook and maybe some dead air time – so be patient and don’t forget to smile……….But for someone whose only prior experience with radio was pressing the on button and selecting the stations, you could say, “I’ve come a long way, Baby.” 

You see, on KOWS, each host is also her own engineer.  The host is not only responsible for the content of the show, the host is also, as my mother used to say, the chief, cook and bottle washer or I guess more professionally, you’re called the engineer.  You burn your own CD if you want to record your show.  You answer the phones, and you phase your personally selected music in and out as you move from segment to segment.  Basically, you are multi-tasking – which can become second nature when you KNOW what your’e doing, but can be a bit daunting when you’re just starting out.  

So I did it…….I got through my first show with a little help from a member of the herd (yes, there is all this KOW humor), AND I got to host a great story and conversation with my first guest, Sophia Legend.  


SOPHIA LEGEND is an amazing woman.  Through this story and the subsequent conversation, you will hear how this soon to be 70 year old woman is learning to let go of the childhood and societal conditioning that has defined her for most of her life and  how she is now on her journey to embracing her deepest and truest authentic being.  Listen to how the power of letting go of beliefs and assumptions and expectations and attachments about who she was and how she was supposed to be, led to Sophia’s inner true voice emerging as a guide to her own self-discovery and path to freedom.

 By Roberta Teller