Welcome to My Blog and Wisdom Circles for the Boomer Woman

Welcome to Robertatellerblog.com.  As a Boomer Woman or as I like to think of myself, as an “aging, saging, crone” , I believe that it is important for older women to have a safe and sacred place to share our personal stories and to discuss and explore the gifts and challenges of growing older.  

I offer this in two ways. One avenue is through weekly and/or monthly sacred wisdom circles. We meet regularly in person and through my gentle guided facilitation, and group process, we create a space that honors and supports us to have an open and honest conversation  about growing older; all the while creating community, friendship and support amongst us. 

My other offering is through my blog, Robertatellerblog.com, My blog is an opportunity to celebrate our elder status; a forum to explore ourselves as vital essential beings, regardless of the challenges we may face. Here I offer commentary, reflections, information and inspiration about being a boomer woman. Through a series of interviews, I give voice to our senior sisters who are a source of wisdom to us all.