Jean Shinoda Bolen Inspires Women to Change the World One Circle at a Time

Jean Shinoda Bolen’s Millionth Circle Initiative is a growing movement of women coming together in circles to support, nurture and inspire their members to find their voices and to speak and live their deepest intentions and truths. The idea behind the term, the millionth circle was inspired by the story of “the hundredth monkey” in which new ideas or behaviors are claimed to spread rapidly within a group once a critical number of members in the group demonstrate the behavior or accept a new idea.  The purpose of the millionth circle is to create that global critical mass to shift the individual, group and collective consciousness of the planet into one of sustainability, respect for the earth and her people, and peace for everyone and all living beings.

The concept of the circle is to create an egalitarian forum.  Everyone sees one another and is visible.  There is no beginning or end.  In the center of the circle is a spiritual (not religious) connection to which all members connect to and with.

The Millionth Circle Movement encourages each and every woman who is part of a circle to join with the others. You can read about this initiative and register your circle online at:  If you are not in a circle, consider finding one or staring a circle of your own.

By Roberta Teller