Elaine B Holtz: An Ordinary Woman Doing Extraordinary Things


One of the greatest gifts for me from hosting Wise Woman Storytime on KOWS 107.3FM is that I get to meet and get to know some really wonderful women. Elaine B Holtz exemplifies this so well.

A first generation American, Elaine’s life story is an evolution from a sheltered child living in a homogenous Jewish community to a social activist who lives, works and thrives in a global society. Once the shy college student terrified of public speaking, today, Elaine hosts both a radio and TV show called Women’s Spaces interviewing politicians, fellow activists, artists, healers, writers and musicians. She is an author, a poet and currently serves Sonoma County with her service on the Community Advisory Board and the Human Rights Commision.

With a strong commitment for women’s rights, social justice, children, peace and the environment, Elaine B. Holtz is a spokesperson and visionary for those whose voices may be stifled or perhaps needs a platform to speak from. And while she says her radio show is “dedicated to ordinary women doing extraordinary things,”  she is the shining light giving them the spotlight.

By Roberta Teller








Somewhere Towards the End: A Book Review

Somewhere Towards the End is an honest, realistic, thoughtful and beautifully written memoir that speaks to what it’s like to be old from the perspective of the then octogenarian (close to 90 years old) author Diana Athill.  Sometimes philosophical, often personal, this unsentimental, raw, candid and unapologetic,  free thinking and unconventional author recounts her experiences and views about children (and not having them), sex (even after 60), relationships, death, luck, authors whom she admires, and religion. 

While Somewhere Towards the End speaks to the diminishments of old age, it really is a testament to the potential gifts of these years and the opportunities and possibilities that one can experience as we grow older.

One cannot read this memoir without deep gratitude and appreciation to this feisty, cut to the chase, witty woman. Don’t expect any proselytizing or soap box wisdom. What you get is straight talk, a gutsy look at elder life and a chance to get a glimpse into the life of this remarkable, thoughtful and free thinking spirit. 

I loved this book and plan to read parts of it again and share it with women of all ages. My only regret is that I more than likely won’t get to meet this now 97 year old English woman in this lifetime. And while she may not believe in reincarnation, hey, you never know…….And just in case, she does have a few other memoirs out there. 

By Roberta Teller

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When is Enough Enough…….A Conversation with Maxine Lachman



Most of my blog posts about wise Woman Storytime  have detailed my challenging journey as the “new kid on the block” programmer and show host for Wise Woman Storytime. Over the past 7 months, I’ve shared with you the trials, tribulations and successes of my new adventure. And while my path to (no such thing as) perfection is never ending, with much more learning (translation screw ups) to be had, I think it’s time for me to share a little bit about this gem of a station I’m now a part of. 

KOWS 107.3FM is a LOCAL community radio station serving the heart of west Sonoma County (CA).  We are funded by our individual members and local sponsors. who keep us on the air. We broadcast  24/7 from the serene and bucolic town of Occidental and can be streamed online all over the world.  There are over 70 dedicated local hosts who volunteer their time  and give so much of themselves to bring you a show they really, really care about. So what might you find on KOWS?  You will find a rich mixture of all kinds of music…..world, retro, jazz, rock, contemporary, soul, blues, Renaissance and Baroque…….to name a few.  You will be privy to great conversations with local politicians, musicians and people in the healing arts. You will get to listen to thoughtful and provocative discussions about growing old, indigenous people, and environmental and political issues. You will have the option to hear stories, learn about astrology and laugh, relax and feel good.

If you’d like to be a part of the herd and help us moove towards our goal of raising $30,000 for a new antennae I  invite you to become one of our sponsors or members…….just click on the link……It’s that simple.

Now about today’s show……….

What happens when you’re a 59 year old woman, who has been in the same job for 12 years and suddenly you’re told that you no longer have the relevant skills for the job you thought you were really good at?  Add to that, the recent death of your mother, your personal concerns and financial worries about your father’s worsening dementia and a series of unexpected life circumstances that puts you out of your home and literally shakes you to your core.

In Maxine Lachman’s case, all these circumstance led to a deep inquiry into her early childhood scripts about money, an investigation into finance and retirement planning  an exploration of what is REALLY important and a search for an understanding of what is enough.  How do we know if we have enough and when is enough enough?

Max has some very important answers……..Enjoy!

By Roberta Teller