Controversy about Controversy – A Personal Story

We live in a culture that spouts the virtues of independence, autonomy and free thinking on the one hand and yet our systems, whether they be educational , familial, social  or political often discourage and frown upon those who don’t live by the accepted scripts.  There is an undercurrent if not a downright war surrounding those who buck the norms and question the status quo. 

Whether at the dinner table, faculty lunch rooms or in newspapers, magazines, blogs or online chat rooms, battle lines are often drawn about what is appropriate, politically correct, and what should be deleted or excluded from conversations. And what happens all too frequently, personal attacks prevail, and meaningful dialogue is lost. 

Those who choose to ask questions about currently held societal, cultural, political, religious, and medical beliefs are all too often demonized, marginalized, relegated to kook status, and branded as conspiracy theorists, a pejorative  term intended to further undermine and dismiss their points of view and questioning minds.

My guest this week on Wise Woman Stortyime is one such free thinking, nonconforming individual who dares to ask questions that many do not want to hear. Listen to Alex Lacey’s story and learn how her honest quest to find the truth divided a community, became personal and created a controversy about controversy.

By Roberta Teller

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