Making Music: From Dream to Reality- Karen Obidah’s Story

Have you had a dream since you were a child and finally…… retired, career behind you, kids out of the house…… you’re faced with the reality……is it now or is it never?

My guest this past week on Wise Woman Storytime, Karen Obidah faced that quandary. In love with music from a young age, yet never much encouraged to pursue this dream, she dabbled in music here and there throughout her life.. Middle and high school classes, a stint in her high school marching band, a song writing class from time to time, some gigs with friends and local artists and still – a dream – a bigger, wider vision waiting to awaken and be realized…..

Through much inner reflection, sheer determination and courage, Karen has now found her path. A vision has appeared and the journey begun. I invite you to listen to her story and perhaps you too may find a path to your unrealized dreams.

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By Roberta Teller

Marcia Singer: Tales of Awakening a Wild Heart

Whether we’re young or old or in between, we sure do love our stories. Sometimes we love them so much that our 5 year old won’t go to sleep until she’s been read that same story just one more time even though she has memorized every word and can repeat the story verbatim.

We love to tell stories too – like the 97 year old World War II medic who tells and retells the same gory yet gripping war stories with great pride to whomever will listen.

Young or old, stories help us make sense of the world and give us meaning. Stories build bridges to the past and create pathways to the future. They convey our deepest values and convey morality, justice, compassion and wise choices. They entertain, teach, open our worlds and offer us glimpses into places that we might not visit on our own.

Many elders today are taking to writing life reviews – stories that reflect on the past helping to bring understanding and peace into the present. These stories allow seniors to rethink events from their lives, expound upon their life experiences, lessons learned, and perhaps even change the narrative and endings to old story lines. And of course leaving a written legacy for those who someday just might want to know, is an added benefit.

My guest this week on Wise Woman Storytime, Marcia Singer is a storyteller. She tells stories through her music, theatre, writings, and now in her latest memoir, Iron Jane: Tales of an Awakening, I invite you to listen to these stories and glean the universal insights and life lessons that Marcia so eloquently articulates for all of us.

You can find out more about Marcia Singer at

By Roberta Teller