Making Music: From Dream to Reality- Karen Obidah’s Story

Have you had a dream since you were a child and finally…… retired, career behind you, kids out of the house…… you’re faced with the reality……is it now or is it never?

My guest this past week on Wise Woman Storytime, Karen Obidah faced that quandary. In love with music from a young age, yet never much encouraged to pursue this dream, she dabbled in music here and there throughout her life.. Middle and high school classes, a stint in her high school marching band, a song writing class from time to time, some gigs with friends and local artists and still – a dream – a bigger, wider vision waiting to awaken and be realized…..

Through much inner reflection, sheer determination and courage, Karen has now found her path. A vision has appeared and the journey begun. I invite you to listen to her story and perhaps you too may find a path to your unrealized dreams.

You can reach Karen at

By Roberta Teller