Healing the Mother/Daughter Relationship Through Dreams

While women are shaped by culture, family values, and societal norms, probably one of the most important relationships and influencers  women have is their relationship with their mothers.  Needless to say, these relationships are often fraught with complexities fueled by the mothers life experiences, their own understanding of the world,  their skills in setting (or not) boundaries, and their ability to be  attuned to their daughters needs, desires, spirits and deepest selves. 

Many women enter adulthood with unresolved mother/daughter issues that impact the quality of their lives, relationships, careers and mental health.  Some might seek therapeutic or spiritual counseling and others might join a 12 step program. Some might  walk away from the relationship while others might ignore the issue completely.  

Joyce Lynn, my recent guest on Wise Woman Storytime discovered yet another avenue to healing her 40 year old wounded relationship with her mother.  I invite you to listen to her story of how the nocturnal offerings of her dreams not only changed her mother/daughter relationship, they changed her life…..

You can visit Joyce’s website and order her book Plum Dream Diaries at https://joycelynn.com/

By Roberta Teller

Debby Meagher: Living With Joy


Attaining happiness and the search for joy in our lives has become something of a cultural obsession or at least a dominant attitude requirement in certain circles.  Retreats, religious and spiritual practices, choosing country vs. city living, yoga and the quest for a guru are some avenues for seekers.

Step into any bookstore and you will be bombarded with every conceivable kind of book about bringing happiness and joy into your life. Amazon lists 22,368 titles on joy  and 18,465 book options for happiness.

Today you can listen to or read personal stories, scientific studies, newspaper and magazine articles all espousing ways to find nirvana.  There are books with daily affirmations, and TED Talks offering tools and avenues out of the misery into the light.  Neuroscience teaches us how we can re-wire our brains to cultivate positive emotions, inner peace and lasting happiness, 

Books have been written by scientists, researchers, journalists, Harvard professors,  psychologists and spiritual teachers. Even the Dalai Lama has a book on the topic.

And while it seems quite apparent that many people are searching for this eternal bliss, how often do you actually meet someone who finds it?   Are YOU that person? Are you a seeker?

You’ve probably figured out by now the focus of today’s show is about joy and happiness. My guest, as far as I know is not someone who has a book out  there on the subject nor has she written an article or done a TED talk…… yet she is an expert on this topic because she embodies joy in every aspect of her being………her words, attitudes and actions…….her generosity of spirit – her big heartedness, contentment, peace and love.

Want to really learn about joy?  Skip the bookstores, magazine articles, TED Talks and instead hang out with Debby Meagher for 5 minutes and you can experience first hand what joy looks, sounds and feels like.  When you look into her eyes, listen to her words and watch her, there can be no question that this woman’s inner light shines……and  showers  those around her with unconditional love………. and joy………

I invite you to listen to KOWS Wise Woman Storytime and meet Debby Meagher, probably the most authentically joyful person I have ever known……..

By Roberta Teller


Elaine B Holtz: An Ordinary Woman Doing Extraordinary Things


One of the greatest gifts for me from hosting Wise Woman Storytime on KOWS 107.3FM is that I get to meet and get to know some really wonderful women. Elaine B Holtz exemplifies this so well.

A first generation American, Elaine’s life story is an evolution from a sheltered child living in a homogenous Jewish community to a social activist who lives, works and thrives in a global society. Once the shy college student terrified of public speaking, today, Elaine hosts both a radio and TV show called Women’s Spaces interviewing politicians, fellow activists, artists, healers, writers and musicians. She is an author, a poet and currently serves Sonoma County with her service on the Community Advisory Board and the Human Rights Commision.

With a strong commitment for women’s rights, social justice, children, peace and the environment, Elaine B. Holtz is a spokesperson and visionary for those whose voices may be stifled or perhaps needs a platform to speak from. And while she says her radio show is “dedicated to ordinary women doing extraordinary things,”  she is the shining light giving them the spotlight.

By Roberta Teller








Wise Woman Storytime: The Radio Show Presents Sophia Legend


I am so happy and proud to present my very first radio show.  As you may remember, I had this idea to take my Wise Woman Storytime events one step further.  My vision was to create a greater platform for older women to tell their stories to a larger audience. I found my venue at KOWS 107.3FM a local west Sonoma County community radio station.  It took some training – there were 3 sessions- and I still have a lot to learn. There were some glitches like a phone beeping off the hook and maybe some dead air time – so be patient and don’t forget to smile……….But for someone whose only prior experience with radio was pressing the on button and selecting the stations, you could say, “I’ve come a long way, Baby.” 

You see, on KOWS, each host is also her own engineer.  The host is not only responsible for the content of the show, the host is also, as my mother used to say, the chief, cook and bottle washer or I guess more professionally, you’re called the engineer.  You burn your own CD if you want to record your show.  You answer the phones, and you phase your personally selected music in and out as you move from segment to segment.  Basically, you are multi-tasking – which can become second nature when you KNOW what your’e doing, but can be a bit daunting when you’re just starting out.  

So I did it…….I got through my first show with a little help from a member of the herd (yes, there is all this KOW humor), AND I got to host a great story and conversation with my first guest, Sophia Legend.  


SOPHIA LEGEND is an amazing woman.  Through this story and the subsequent conversation, you will hear how this soon to be 70 year old woman is learning to let go of the childhood and societal conditioning that has defined her for most of her life and  how she is now on her journey to embracing her deepest and truest authentic being.  Listen to how the power of letting go of beliefs and assumptions and expectations and attachments about who she was and how she was supposed to be, led to Sophia’s inner true voice emerging as a guide to her own self-discovery and path to freedom.

 By Roberta Teller


A Circle of Women: Aging with Awareness, Intention and vitality



I don’t know about you, but no one taught me how to “grow up” and certainly no one is guiding me on my path to old age……. Join your sister 55+ women in a supportive community as we intentionally navigate this road to old age. Through our own awareness, we can realize and set our intentions to live  a rich and vital third life stage. 
At this meetup we will explore how our personal and cultural beliefs and assumptions define us as older women.  
Changing the world one circle at a time.
Where; Coffee Catz
              6761 Sebastopol Ave, Sebastopol
When:  Thursday, July 31, 2014
               9:30-11:30 am
                        $10 donation appreciated.
                             Scent free event
Roberta Teller
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Reflections on Growing Older from an Aging, Saging Crone

Age Never Mattered to Me……Until Now


The truth is age never much mattered to me.  I have always joyfully celebrated every birthday-especially the ones that started a new decade.  I remember my 30th birthday party with the slinky male belly dancers gyrating  around my Berkeley living room with plates of lit candles on their heads…….And my 40th birthday party with all my friends stuffed into my tiny Mabel Street living room.  And that short black dress I wore to my 50th and the long skirt I had on for my 60th birthday……..hmmmmmm……maybe that was a clue of what was ahead……..

My enthusiasm about birthdays was not always in synch with those around me. Some of my friends were devastated at turning 30 (yes, that is true) and some of my friends wouldn’t tell their boyfriends or husbands, or even their girlfriends how old they were (how could they get away with that?  If you were their boyfriend, or fiancee or husband, or girlfriend, wouldn’t you wait until they were in the shower or fast asleep and sneak into their wallet to look at their driver’s license?  I would……).  And then of course, there was my parents generation, where not only did women not tell their age, it was considered rude to even ask or hint at her years. And, if there was some legal or compelling reason that you had to ask her age, there was the obligatory, “You certainly don’t look your age” lie. 

But the truth is age never much mattered to me…….until now.   And to be honest, I’m not sure that it’s really the age thing…..I think it’s more of what I see and notice and feel….. Where is that energy that allowed me to go out partying at 11pm instead of now being asleep by 9?   Why do I prefer to be home before dark instead of arriving home as the sun rises? Where has happened to the thickness of my skin….?  Now, if I happen to  poke myself with a bracelet or tap against something, I get these purplish, red blemishes that sprinkle my skin.   And then there are those things they call “age spots” that appear all over my body.  Can’t they call it something else, like wisdom mounds or beauty dots?  I have a special relationship with the ones on my face…..I just bought a product at Aveda this week called a “concealer” so I can hide these facial intrusions.  I keep forgetting to put it on……

And then there’s my neck……that protrusion of soft skin that no longer wants to adhere to whatever it was attached to before…….and the gray hair that I strive to color back to its natural state that I can no longer even remember.   And, oh how I miss my naturally wavy hair that the grey hairs insist on keeping straight.   If I happen to be in “just the right light” (really the very wrong light), and I look at myself in a mirror, sometimes I hear myself saying,  ““Oh, my God, who is that person peering back at me?  Look at her skin. When did those wrinkles move in?  Then I feel a sense of shame about my judgmental self.  And then I feel more shame and guilt because I shouldn’t be thinking these thoughts, at all.  But I am.

“Well”, I tell myself, this is just superficial crap.  It’s the youth mentality of our society or the fault of the media for not honestly portraying real older people and I don’t buy into any of it……But I do…..on some level at least.  That’s why I color my hair and I bought “the concealer”  the other day.  I want to look good, be considered attractive, pretty…….young????   Younger than I am??????.  And while  I probably would never really consider plastic surgery, I can kinda understand why (mostly, but not only) women spend huge amounts of money buying all kinds of cosmetics and promises of a youth returned, and pay exorbitant amounts of money to remove wrinkles and tighten up that loose skin.  And yet, not long ago, when I was watching the Academy Awards, I was shocked and revolted when I saw the new and improved John Travolta who looked mannequin like and other worldly.  Or have you seen Joan Rivers lately?  I don’t want THAT either.  

So I guess what I’m saying is that I too, am a victim of the youth oriented society and the ageist language and imaging of the culture we live in.  But with that said, never liking to consider myself a victim, I am also a survivor.  And while I haven’t come to completely embrace my physically aging self,  I have stopped trying to hide it or deny it or fix it…….I am moving towards  acceptance of it and of myself as a beautiful  67 year old woman with some wrinkles and beauty dots.  

Oh, and if you happen to see me in the middle of the summer with a gorgeous shawl wrapped tight around my neck, remember, I am a work in progress……and wink at me in solidarity.

By Roberta Teller


Greedy for Life: A Review

Greedy for Life, the first film of The Beauty of Aging Project is a wonderful 35 minute film that demonstrates the richness, vitality and spirit of women who live full, fun, creative lives well into their 80’s.  Through these wise women elders’ personal stories we finally get vibrant, positive role models so sorely needed in our overly saturated youth oriented culture.  Watching and listening to these women debunks the myths and images we have of older people.  Instead of the decrepit,, listless, sexless images that are prevalent in the media and in our cultural and personal belief systems, we see images of old age that not only challenge this outdated paradigm, but create a new vision for the third stage of life: one that is active, stimulating, and full of opportunities for growth, renewal and happiness. This is a “must see” film not only for 60+ women but for young adults as well.  Check out the trailer……And enjoy!


By Roberta Teller








Aging Gracefully: Another Lesson for this Aspiring Crone


This aging, saging crone has recently learned that aging gracefully can be, well, clumsy. In a previous blog, I espoused the gifts of elder women when they have taken the hard challenges of life and incorporated and internalized the lessons learned as opportunities to grow wiser and more mindful.  To me, it is the gifts of these experiences and the wise wisdom that emerges, that defines the essence of the aging gracefully woman.

So, why then did I spend a year worrying and obsessing about a doctor’s appointment? Where was my wise woman wisdom when I really needed it?

From August 2012  when I first walked out of my ophthalmologist’s office after my yearly check-up, I have worried, fretted, obsessed and terrorized myself with my very own original scary story. The plot of my original drama revolved around me  having to have cataract surgery. Okay, you’re saying, “HUH?”  CATARACT SURGERY for a plot?  Okay, have some compassion. I understand that probably to most “normal” and admittedly, some not so normal people, this would not be any kind of a plot and certainly not a traumatic event.  And while of course, no one wants surgery of any kind, the reality of cataract surgery is that it is safe, quick and has positive results – like immediate improved vision – even for higher risk patients like me.

Most people do not perseverate over this for a year……But I did.

I worried about this 2013 exam the minute I walked out of my 2012 appointment. In May of 2013, I took my first major step when I called and actually scheduled my eye exam for the following August 12..  I kid you not when I tell you that I dreaded just making the appointment……Once THAT was done, as I continued to worry, obsess and develop my scary story to newer and higher levels, I then began preparing myself for the  August 12th appointment.

Months before the appointment,I  began a regimen. I meditated, did guided imagery and visual imagery exercises.  I prayed for best outcome. I asked for support from the women in my women’s circle. I brought my spirit guides and my partner with me to the appointment.  And while some of these helped and the support was wonderful, the reality is that none of these steps got to the crux of the problem.

I was so fraught with fear and worry and panic. I was so caught up in my head, that I became increasingly detached from my emotional body.  In retrospect, I realize now that I was in a fight or flight mode.  You can’t be in  fight or flight and feel your feelings……that’s counterproductive -it’s not what it was designed for. Vulnerability went out the window as fight or flight took over. Fight or flight requires being defended and tough and strong…….not soft and tender and caressing……which in retrospect is really what I needed all along.

During that challenging year, had I been able to tap into my vulnerability and had I been able to experience the feelings of sadness, loss, powerlessness and even fear,  I know that I would at least have been able to feel myself……..But once fight or flight took over, any connections to my feelings were cut off. Going into fight or flight is strictly about survival, requiring toughness and rigor  It is a primal instinctive reaction to danger. Vulnerability would have required my soft and tender self to be available: to allow my deepest feelings to emerge; to cry and be in touch with my softness. The two are simply not compatible.

I know my fight or flight mode was trying to protect me, but the reality is that this kind of protection didn’t serve me.  While fight or flight might be very appropriate for some life threatening experiences, it was not appropriate for this one.

It took a year for me to finally understand what dynamic was driving me to fear.  This well-intended misguided protective modality never served me at all because it wasn’t what I really needed. I didn’t need to be out of my body, I needed exactly the opposite.  I needed to be able to feel myself, caress and hold my scared self.  I needed soothing and tenderness and most importantly to feel my vulnerable self.

I am grateful that I have gained great insights into what happened and have learned a very valuable lesson. When facing frightening, upsetting and scary events in my life, I don’t have to put on thick armor and protective gear to defend myself.  I can be much better served by embracing my scared child; soothing and holding her, all the while allowing my feelings to flow, emerge and be…….I understand that real inner strength is not about being hard and defensive, but instead it’s about being soft, and tender and real and true to your inner core……..It took me a year of fumbling and stumbling and eventually I got it.  I learned that vulnerability is a powerful and rich gift.  I learned that by embracing my tender, soft, frightened self; by loving my scared little girl, I was able to feel and be true to my real self. The defensive stance melted away and I was left stronger than ever. And so I learned.  By embracing my deepest feelings, and not stuffing them or covering them up with defensive armor, I came home to myself. I was able to be present in my life without future thinking and creating scary stories .  Being vulnerable put me back in my  heart, mind and body. I understand now how by allowing my tender, soft and vulnerable and real being to emerge made me invulnerable to the defensive actions of my thoughts and old patterns of being  Thank you my wise woman for finally helping me glean this most important lesson.

By Roberta Teller

Aging Gracefully: Flexibility of Body, Mind and Spirit


Deng Ming-Dao says in his 365 Tao Daily Meditations, “When young, things are soft. When old, things are brittle.” Brittle things break easily, fall apart and die. I contend for a woman to age gracefully, she must  be able to maintain her suppleness and her flexibility not only in the body, but equally important in the mind and spirit as well.

I came to this understanding when I was confronted by experiencing two disparate emotions and thoughts at the same time.  I was stymied and stuck at my inability to comfortably hold them both without judging, criticizing and blaming myself. I remember how shut off I felt to myself and others. My chi was stuck and I felt like I couldn’t breathe.

I was mired in feelings of annoyance and frustration, kvetching about my life circumstances while I was equally aware of the huge amount of gratitude I felt. I was about to learn a great lesson from a simple discovery; While I understood that in this case, Kvetching and gratitude  could in fact be (strange) bedfellows,  I have come to understand that life is often complex, nuanced and sometimes downright confusing. Being able to accept and hold two seemingly disparate emotions and experiences allows for a flexibility of mind, body and spirit. And flexibility, whether metaphorically or not, keeps one supple, fluid and nimble…..a most important component of an aging gracefully woman. 

Several months ago, I reached a new milestone in my life.  Never before had I realized that I could have 7 medical appointments in one week……but I did.

The truth is that I was getting a bit worn down from all of this.  It had been a year and a half of dealing with chronic pain, discomfort, information, opinions,, doctors’ appointments and finally hip replacement surgery, and then of course, the recovery; only to be followed by more doctors’ appointments and physical therapy. The older I’ve gotten, the less I like sitting in those usually stuffy, noisy and uncomfortable waiting rooms……..only then to be called to sit in yet another small and even more uncomfortable space with less air and windows that don’t open as you wait and wait and wait some more.

So there I was complaining that I had to suffer through 7 medical appointments that week.  I was feeling grumpy, irritable, tired and annoyed that instead of going to the gym, doing yoga or taking a walk, I, instead had to park my ass for who knew how long in yet another doctor’s office……

But, how can I complain??????  How dare I kvetch, moan and groan when I have excellent medical coverage, a doting partner who took meticulous and loving care of me and a wonderful support system of dear friends and my sister who supported me throughout my ordeal.  I have a lot to be grateful for…..I know it and I appreciate it. And yet, I was miserable.  I didn’t want to be around myself at that time.

And then my Wise Ass, NYC Crone dropped in for a visit.  In her less than subtle tone and dramatic flare, she belted out ,

You can have an attitude of gratitude while you kvetch, whine & complain

You can have an attitude of gratitude while you kvetch, whine & complain

Have a party of pity if you feel shitty……go ahead and kvetch, whine  and complain

Enjoy your attitude of gratitude while you kvetch, whine & complain”

And I got it.  I understood how important it is as we grow older to maintain the tender pliancy of our youth……certainly in our bodies but equally important in the ways we think, feel and behave. I had started to feel like an aging plant that was becoming  rigid, stiff and hard……And once I realized that I could  embrace and gently and kindly hold that which confused, frustrated and annoyed me, while accepting my attitude of gratitude,I relaxed and felt more  fluid, flexible and limber. Where before, my breath was shallow, now I could breathe deeply and easily.

And, I thanked my Wise Ass NYC Crone.  I thanked her for showing up and giving me a valuable lesson on listening and trusting my inner guidance. And I thanked her for connecting me to the bigger message…….that aging gracefully requires fluidity, flexibility, and gentleness of the mind, spirit and body……..

By Roberta Teller

Aging Gracefully: Inner Radiance Creates Outer Beauty


Recently I wrote that aging gracefully is an inside job meaning that the internal process of tapping into our wise woman wisdom creates a beauty and majesty of spirit and energy that supersedes the superficial manifestations of our bodies.  Ours is a youth oriented culture obsessed with the young.  We are perpetually bombarded with artificially reconstructed older faces and the overly thin and air brushed images on the big screens and magazines.  Whether a woman chooses to have plastic surgery or not, is an individual choice, hopefully made with clarity, thoughtfulness and enough money to pay for the procedure outright.  Of course, we all want to feel good about ourselves.  Of course, we all want to look our very best and have a swagger in our step as we strut our stuff…….that’s a no brainer.  But……..

What is so much more important than the number of wrinkles or age spots is creating a culture where women themselves grow into an appreciation of their own individual and collective inner greatness.  We, the boomer women, must become the change agents ourselves where we not only tap into our individual and collective voices, but it is incumbent upon us to SHOUT OUT our messages, visions, and life lessons.  We must reclaim our long lost tradition of being the heart and soul of the community – the historian, the healer, the teacher, the advisor, the voice of a long life of lessons learned and wisdom gained.

While it is a daunting task to think about challenging and restructuring a very ingrained system that does not innately cherish and revere or seek out elder woman wisdom, I would like to suggest some first  steps…..steps that begin first with an inner journey into ourselves.

1.  SELF AWARENESS:  Ask yourself: What are your gifts?  What life lessons have you learned?  What stories can you share about your life?

2.  PAY ATTENTION TO THE SUBTLE AND MAYBE NOT SO SUBTLE DYNAMICS  OF THE FAMILY, SOCIAL, BUSINESS, EDUCATIONAL GROUPS YOU ATTEND Who does most of the talking?  Do some people monopolize the conversation?  Is everyone engaged? Are you?  Why or why not?

3.    SHARE YOUR WISE WOMAN STORIES AND LESSONS: Tell your stories. Share   your life lessons with friends, family, your children. Leave a written legacy of your life.

4.  ENCOURAGE OTHER  WOMEN TO SHARE THEIR STORIES AND LIFE LESSONS:  Invite friends over with the express purpose of a story telling night. Ask elder women to tell their stories…..

5.   WHETHER YOU KNOW IT OR NOT, YOU ARE A ROLE MODEL FOR EVERY  GIRL OR WOMAN YOU MEET:   Be aware that your views and opinions about growing older are being expressed covertly, nonverbally and through actions, attitudes and conversations. What messages are you actually sending?

6.  TALK ABOUT GROWING OLDER: Let’s bring the topic of aging into mainstreamconversation. How is it different from the perspective of a 20 year old or an octogenarian? Ask yourself and others of all ages, “HOW DO YOU WANT TO AGE?”  Let’s begin to demystify growing old by talking about it, taking power around it through right choices, and bringing it into our culture through awareness, conversations and visibility.

 I believe it is essential for each and every one of us to take the time and make a commitment to ourselves to explore the richness of our own lives as well as to affirm and claim the lessons we have learned, and to honor the gifts that we have bestowed upon the world. 

 And it is through our own self acceptance and appreciation of who we are that our inner radiance will glow ever more brightly and we can move to shine this light on the world.

By Roberta Teller