A Circle of Women: Aging with Awareness, Intention and vitality



I don’t know about you, but no one taught me how to “grow up” and certainly no one is guiding me on my path to old age……. Join your sister 55+ women in a supportive community as we intentionally navigate this road to old age. Through our own awareness, we can realize and set our intentions to live  a rich and vital third life stage. 
At this meetup we will explore how our personal and cultural beliefs and assumptions define us as older women.  
Changing the world one circle at a time.
Where; Coffee Catz
              6761 Sebastopol Ave, Sebastopol
When:  Thursday, July 31, 2014
               9:30-11:30 am
                        $10 donation appreciated.
                             Scent free event
Roberta Teller
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Tarot Wisdom
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Reflections on Growing Older from an Aging, Saging Crone

Wise Woman Storytime Presents: “Emptying Out the Closets” Lesbian Coming Out Stories

                                   WISE WOMAN STORYTIME PRESENTS
                                     EMPTYING OUT THE CLOSETS
                                                An Afternoon of 
                                LESBIAN COMING OUT STORIES
In Celebration of Gay Pride let’s:
              come together in solidarity
                  share our coming out stories and
                       embrace our achievements
When:    June 29, 2014
Where:   Coffee Catz
                  6761 Sebastopol Avenue Sebastopol
Time:     3:30-5:30pm
                    $10 offering appreciated
For more information, contact Roberta Teller at womenownyourcrone@gmail.com or call 510-301-1706

Wise Woman Storytime: An Invitation to 55+ women to share life stories and lessons learned



As older women, we have a lifetime of experiences with many rich lessons learned. As older women, in a youth oriented world, our voices are often not heard; our life lessons go unspoken.  As older women, we are often not honored or given the reverence we so deserve.  
Join a group of sister elders who are embracing and sharing their many years of lessons learned through storytelling circles.  All you have to do is show up and tell your story.  If you don’t think you have a story, are feeling too shy to tell one  or just don’t want to share one, come listen and support those who do……And just in case…….there will be a brief presentation on Tips for Storytelling.
The storytelling theme this month is Turning Points.  
Hope to see you.
When: Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at 9:30am
Where: Coffee Catz
              6761 Sebastopol Avenue
              Sebastopol, CA 95472

If you have any questions, please contact me at womenownyourcrone@gmail.com or 510-301-1706

$5-$10 offering appreciated (no one turned away for lack of funds)


                                    COMING SOON: 
                       WISE WOMAN STORYTELLING CLASS

Jean Shinoda Bolen Inspires Women to Change the World One Circle at a Time

Jean Shinoda Bolen’s Millionth Circle Initiative is a growing movement of women coming together in circles to support, nurture and inspire their members to find their voices and to speak and live their deepest intentions and truths. The idea behind the term, the millionth circle was inspired by the story of “the hundredth monkey” in which new ideas or behaviors are claimed to spread rapidly within a group once a critical number of members in the group demonstrate the behavior or accept a new idea.  The purpose of the millionth circle is to create that global critical mass to shift the individual, group and collective consciousness of the planet into one of sustainability, respect for the earth and her people, and peace for everyone and all living beings.

The concept of the circle is to create an egalitarian forum.  Everyone sees one another and is visible.  There is no beginning or end.  In the center of the circle is a spiritual (not religious) connection to which all members connect to and with.

The Millionth Circle Movement encourages each and every woman who is part of a circle to join with the others. You can read about this initiative and register your circle online at: http://www.millionthcircle.org/About/what_is_mc.html.  If you are not in a circle, consider finding one or staring a circle of your own.

By Roberta Teller

Welcome to My Blog and Wisdom Circles for the Boomer Woman

Welcome to Robertatellerblog.com.  As a Boomer Woman or as I like to think of myself, as an “aging, saging, crone” , I believe that it is important for older women to have a safe and sacred place to share our personal stories and to discuss and explore the gifts and challenges of growing older.  

I offer this in two ways. One avenue is through weekly and/or monthly sacred wisdom circles. We meet regularly in person and through my gentle guided facilitation, and group process, we create a space that honors and supports us to have an open and honest conversation  about growing older; all the while creating community, friendship and support amongst us. 

My other offering is through my blog, Robertatellerblog.com, My blog is an opportunity to celebrate our elder status; a forum to explore ourselves as vital essential beings, regardless of the challenges we may face. Here I offer commentary, reflections, information and inspiration about being a boomer woman. Through a series of interviews, I give voice to our senior sisters who are a source of wisdom to us all.