Debby Meagher: Living in Joy

If you live in Sonoma County odds are that you have been to Coffee Catz  – that homey, friendly cafe where you might meet a friend or make new ones. At Coffee Catz you certainly might  enjoy a delicious  organic salad, a bowl of freshly made soup or a delicious pastry. Odds are that you very well  might walk into an open mic or poetry event, hear live music or sit down yourself and play a few tunes on the beautiful baby grand yourself.

It’s obvious from the first time you step into this legend of a business that you have entered into a very special space.  And if you have the good luck to be there when the owner is around, you will likely get a warm smile or a big hug.

My guest this past week on Wise Woman Storytime was Debby Meagher, the owner extraordinaire of Coffee Catz and a west county icon herself. I invite you to listen to her story.  Learn how and why she  created Coffee Catz and the special life ingredients that she puts into her cafe, food, relationships and life.

You can find Debby on Youtube’s Joy Channel Center for More Joy

By Roberta Teller

Debby Meagher: Living With Joy


Attaining happiness and the search for joy in our lives has become something of a cultural obsession or at least a dominant attitude requirement in certain circles.  Retreats, religious and spiritual practices, choosing country vs. city living, yoga and the quest for a guru are some avenues for seekers.

Step into any bookstore and you will be bombarded with every conceivable kind of book about bringing happiness and joy into your life. Amazon lists 22,368 titles on joy  and 18,465 book options for happiness.

Today you can listen to or read personal stories, scientific studies, newspaper and magazine articles all espousing ways to find nirvana.  There are books with daily affirmations, and TED Talks offering tools and avenues out of the misery into the light.  Neuroscience teaches us how we can re-wire our brains to cultivate positive emotions, inner peace and lasting happiness, 

Books have been written by scientists, researchers, journalists, Harvard professors,  psychologists and spiritual teachers. Even the Dalai Lama has a book on the topic.

And while it seems quite apparent that many people are searching for this eternal bliss, how often do you actually meet someone who finds it?   Are YOU that person? Are you a seeker?

You’ve probably figured out by now the focus of today’s show is about joy and happiness. My guest, as far as I know is not someone who has a book out  there on the subject nor has she written an article or done a TED talk…… yet she is an expert on this topic because she embodies joy in every aspect of her being………her words, attitudes and actions…….her generosity of spirit – her big heartedness, contentment, peace and love.

Want to really learn about joy?  Skip the bookstores, magazine articles, TED Talks and instead hang out with Debby Meagher for 5 minutes and you can experience first hand what joy looks, sounds and feels like.  When you look into her eyes, listen to her words and watch her, there can be no question that this woman’s inner light shines……and  showers  those around her with unconditional love………. and joy………

I invite you to listen to KOWS Wise Woman Storytime and meet Debby Meagher, probably the most authentically joyful person I have ever known……..

By Roberta Teller


Wise Woman Storytime: Debby Meagher Tells Her Story


I have just completed my fourth radio show on KOWS 107.3FM, THE community radio station for west Sonoma County. I will admit that  I am getting better and better with the technology and even more importantly, I’m learning to orchestrate the myriad tasks that need to come together harmoniously for a polished show.

And there is good news to celebrate and some bad news to learn from.

Let me start on the down side. The bad news is that I forgot to push the play button right at the beginning of this show so I didn’t record my introduction.  The good news is that I did remember to press play just before my guest started her story. So, trying to save face, I have come up with a couple of solutions to the missing segment.  For those so inclined, I have written out the introduction below and you can read it……OR, you can listen to the recorded intro at the END of the show…….OR, you can do both……Your choice.

My guest today is Debby Meagher an extraordinary woman who has made a choice to live her life from her heart and to embrace the world with a joyful, positive approach to living. Debby sees problems not as dead ends but as opportunities for change. She believes fears can be overcome by pushing through and not avoiding them and she has learned not to believe everything she thinks, but rather to listen to the wisdom of her heart as her guide and best friend.

Debby Meagher is one of the most authentic people I have ever met. What she says, she lives. Her actions and lifestyle are mirrors to her words. She says what she believes and lives in accordance with her principles. Debby is an amazing business woman. Twenty-two years ago she opened  Coffee Catz, Sebastopol’s local community based coffee house that has regular music, regular inspirational talks, all kinds of festivities, local events, great food (mostly organic) and its’ own roasted coffee. She recently created the Center for More JOY in Klamath Falls,  Oregon and coming soon is CONSCIOUS AGING: GLAM CAMMPING.

Did I say that Debby is creative, innovative and makes her dreams a reality?

I hope you enjoy the show and that perhaps some of Debby’s life lessons will either remind you of ones you may have forgotten and/or be of inspiration for you to explore.


Debby was born February 2nd in 1950 in Monterey Park, CA. She grew up in Palos Verdes   CA and went to Rolling Hills High School.  When she became pregnant in her last year of high school, she dropped out of school and married Marty Meagher.  They had two beautiful girls.

Debby attended night school and by the time she was 20 years old she had her high school diploma.

Debby had reached the place in her life of living “the American dream” – the beautiful home where she had always wanted to live, a great husband, two fabulous kids – but she wasn’t happy and couldn’t figure out why.  She was divorced by the time she was 27 years old.

And that’s where her journey of self discovery began.  The path has been one of many trials and tribulations.  It has been a journey of exploration and confrontation; of honesty, introspection and pushing out of her comfort zones including acknowledging at 40 years of age that she had had a drinking problem since she was 18 years old and deciding that this wasn’t how she wanted to continue to live her life.  And doing something about it…….

Debby Meagher is the owner of Coffee Catz.  She has been in this business for 22 years in Sebastopol, CA.  She is the creator of The Center for More JOY in Klamath Falls, Oregon. And coming soon to this area is CONSCIOUS ADVENTURE: GLAM CAMPING.

I’ve known Debby now for about 2 years. She is truly one of the most amazing, thoughtful, and happiest people I have ever met.  It is with great pleasure that I introduce Debby Meagher to you to share her personal journey of how she overcame addiction, confronted her unhappiness and created a life of joy for herself and others.

By Roberta Teller